An outstanding print is the culmination of my photographic endeavors.

The print-making process begins with the image capture. I primarily use a 4x5 large format camera, utilizing individual sheets of film  4 inches by 5 inches, both color and black and white. Film capture provides an amazing amount of fine detail and range of tones. Shooting with a large format camera is very slow, involving a complex camera setup, focusing with a loupe under a dark cloth, manual light metering, etc. It is a very deliberate and contemplative shooting style.

On some occasions, I use a Canon professional digital camera to capture images. I mostly shoot digital when camera weight is an issue, such as for air travel or when long lenses are needed to get an image. The technology of digital cameras has advanced tremendously in the last few years and modern, top-of-the-line cameras can produce very high quality images.

I process print files, doing the traditional tasks of dodging and burning, adjusting contrast and saturation, but using modern digital tools to make these minute adjustments. This process can take many, many hours and many iterations to reach the full potential of the original capture. As Ansel Adams stated, “The negative is comparable to the composer's score and the print to its performance.” It was true in his day and remains true today. The technology might be different, but the basic process is still the same.

The prints are made on best photo paper stock currently available, using archival pigment inks. When properly displayed or stored, the prints have a permanence rating of 60 to 100 years.

Print sizes listed are approximate and will vary somewhat from what is quoted in the pricing options. Also, I would be happy to make prints to customs sizes to meet your needs. Mats are white archival, acid-free museum-quality cotton rag. My standard frames are 1-1/2 inch matte black wood. Other frame choices are available. Please contact me for other options.

Prints are offered in open editions at the smaller sizes and limited editions at the larger sizes. Limited editions are runs of 100 prints for prints 16x20 and larger. After 100 prints of each image at the larger sizes have been sold, that image will be retired and will only be available in the small print sizes.